4th Meeto Memorial Award Function in Nepal held on 23 September 2012

Excerpt from A Letter by Kamla Bhasin

October 2, 2012

Loving greetings!!

On 23rd September we had the 4th Meeto Memorial Award Function in Nepal. This time again we did it in Collaboration with Sangat and a large number of civil society organizations from Nepal. There were about 50 women from South Asian countries at the event, in addition to about 450 Nepali friends and comrades. This was the 4th country in which the Award ceremony took place in the last four years. I feel most grateful to every one who has been helping us make this event memorable.

Meeto is always there, like in this photo.

I am sharing this photo of the South Asian women who were at the MMA function. They were all attending the 17th month long course organized
by Sangat every year for feminist capacity building.

This time Khushi Kabir from Bangladesh introduced the Award.

Meeto’s and my friend Isabel introduced Meeto and Dhiviya, the young coordinator of Sangat introduced the three women who were given Fellowships.

Because we did not get any good nominee for the Award, we decided to give fellowships to three women working with fishing communities in Kerala, India.


Saturday 13 October 2012