Media Coverage 2009 Meeto Memorial Award

Meeto Memorial Award for Young South Asians Celebrating Social Committment ANHAD, Sangat and India Habitat Centre invite you to the inaugural presentation of the AWARD on Wednesday, 14 October, 2009 at 7 pm at

the Stein Auditorium,
India Habitat Centre, - Lodi Road,

New Delhi Introduction of the Award - Shabnam Hashmi

About Meeto (Kamaljit Bhasin-Malik) Roo Jhala and Syeda Hameed A few words from Meeto’s mother, Kamla Bhasin Bina Kak Songs of Justice and Peace Young Activists Keynote Address Aruna Roy DOHA Contemporary Dance inspired by Kabir’s couplets choreographed by Swati Mohan Citation for Laxmi Ben Vankar Seema Duhan Laxmi Ben speaks Citation for Anusheh Anadil Khushi Kabir Anusheh speaks and sings A word of thanks Roshmi Goswami